LifeScan Laboratory is committed to providing comprehensive laboratory services for long term care facilities, hospitals, physicians, clinics, and home healthcare agencies.  Our staff of highly trained and experienced professionals will serve all of your special needs in an accurate, reliable, and timely manner.

LifeScan provides the following services:


LifeScan Laboratory employs skilled technicians to provide you with phlebotomy service.  Our phlebotomists will report to the facility on scheduled laboratory days or upon special request to collect blood and pick up specimens.  

Proper patient identification is necessary to assure quality care.  Our phlebotomist will request the assistance of nursing home personnel for patients without proper identification. 

If the phlebotomist is unable to collect a specimen even with assistance, the reason will be documented on the test order form and a staff signature will be requested.  Two additional attempts on subsequent days will automatically be made to obtain routinely scheduled blood specimens before reporting that the specimen was unable to be collected.  


The laboratory will accommodate STAT orders whenever clinically indicated.  During regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., phlebotomists will be scheduled to respond to STAT calls.  During evenings, weekends and holidays, phlebotomists and technologists are "on call" to respond to STAT orders.  

The turn-around time for STAT orders, from time of call to reporting of results, will be four hours or less.  STAT test results will be called to the facility immediately upon completion.  


Routine tests will be completed the same day it is collected and final results delivered within 24 hours, except for final culture reports which require a minimum of 48 hours from the time the specimen was received.  Reporting of esoteric test results will vary according to the extent of the test procedures.  

Significant abnormal and STAT test results will be reported promptly to the facility by both telephoning the nurse on call and by faxing the results to the facility.  Abnormal tests will be flagged on the hard copy report.

Significant abnormal and STAT test results will be reported promptly to the facility by either telephone or faxes.  Abnormal test results will be flagged on the hard copy report.  


The laboratory will provide all requisition forms and supplies needed to collect specimens for laboratory testing.  Contact the laboratory when your stock needs replacement.  


Laboratory technicians will obtain tracings on residents in the facility.  EKG tracings will be performed in duplicate.  One tracing will be left at the facility with a computer-generated interpretation for review by the attending physician.  The second tracing will be brought to a licensed cardiologist who will prepare a final report.  Completed EKG reports require 2-3 regular workdays for final interpretation.  

Due to the need for special equipment, EKG requests must be phoned in to the laboratory for scheduling.  


All billing for test procedures on residents will be directed to the appropriate third-party payor.  If no third party payer is available, the responsible party will be billed.    


Testing of resident service areas and equipment for microbes is available upon request.


LifeScan prepares monthly Epidemiology Reports to our long term care facilities.  These include:

  1.  Listing of all tests performed for each patient
  2.  Listing of all tests performed by culture site
  3.  Listing and tabulation of all positive cultures
  4.  Tabulation of all  organisms requiring isolation
  5.  Individual sensitivities for each organism isolated
  6.  Antibiograms for all organisms isolated
  7.  Number of contaminated urine specimens

These reports aid facilities in monitoring and managing their infection control programs required by state and federal regulations.  


In-service presentations by highly -trained personnel are available on request for training of a facility's staff, including:

  1.  Dehydration
  2.  Hemolysis and Other Factors Affecting Laboratory Results.
  3.  Hepatitis Testing
  4.  Infection Control and Blood - Borne Pathogens
  5.  Influenza Control and Blood - Borne Pathogens
  6.  Interpretation of Laboratory Results
  7.  Laboratory Procedures
  8.  Microbiology Specimen Collection and Handling
  9.  MRSA, VRE, ESBL, Clostridium Difficile and Isolation Precautions
 10. Panic Values
 11. Scabies
 12. Urinary Tract Infections 

Most other topics are also available on request.  Pathologists and Technical Specialists are available to provide consultation regarding laboratory results



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